Tonight would have been a thrilling night of NHL hockey. You know, if the owners and players weren’t fighting over which millionaires were entitled to more millions than the other millionaires. Every night the NHL Lockout goes on, 104.5 The Team will break down the games that both sides have stolen from us, because a world without hockey talk is worse than having to compete with the NFL. To catch up on previous editions of the series, go here.

The NHL deserves a lot of credit. Rather than being delusional and trying to compete with the NFL and, later in the year, Sunday NBA games, the league realizes it's not the hottest ticket in sports and just plays a game or two on most Sundays. They can't figure out how to actually get to the games, but they are pretty good at scheduling them. Today was no different, with only one game on the slate.

Edmonton Oilers at Los Angeles Kings: Really the NHL does things similarly to the NBA on Sundays, only playing a few games, with big ticket teams featuring in them. Obviously this one is no exception given the presence of the defending champion Kings. That appeals to the die hards, without losing out on weeknights to the NFL.

Enjoy the (football) games today, everyone.

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