1.) New York Giants

This uniform brings back a lot of memories for Giants fans. The fact that you can mix a throwback uniform with the style of today's uniforms is an absolute plus. Lets hope that other teams see this and use it as an example for future color rush uniforms. My favorite part about the uniforms are the helmets. The Giants are bringing back the old retro logo of the underlined team name.

2.) Atlanta Falcons

The colors of the Atlanta Falcons were made for jersey opportunities like this. These jerseys also have a little bit of a throwback feel to them as well with the '90s Falcons uniforms.

3.) Seattle Seahawks

This is the type of thing we expect when companies try their hand at spicing up a new uniform. The Seattle 'X BOX' green as I like to call it is flat out one of a kind and a staple for a few Seattle teams.

4.) New Orleans Saints

If any team should switch their uniform to a color rush one immediately, it's the Saints. Everything about this uniform stands out and it feels as though this uniform should be worn more often.

5.) Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals uniforms are as cool as it gets in general, but go with the Siberian Tiger look and you have my attention even more. Such an awesome and nice twist for the Bengals.

6.) Pittsburgh Steelers

When it comes to 'bad ass' uniforms, the Steelers are #1 in my book. You can add this one to that list.

7.) Miami Dolphins

This is one uniform I stand behind completely and believe should be used by the team more than once. The orange is a nice twist.

8.) Oakland Raiders

9.) San Diego Chargers

The iconic lightning bolt stands out even more with this uniform. The navy is nice, but what I would give to see a powder blue version of this uniform.

10.) Kansas City Chiefs

A flat out solid uniform through and through. Nike didn't ruin it, isn't that what's most important.

11.) Baltimore Ravens

This uniform has quite a bit of potential to be higher up the list. The gold numbers really stand out as the best part of the uniform.

12.) New England Patriots

13.) Buffalo Bills

These are actually really nice jerseys. I hope the Bills us these more often as an alternate top.

14.) Detroit Lions

This uniform is pretty unique. We've seen the black jerseys from the Lions before, but this twist is nice. Reminds me a little of the North Carolina Tar Heels black alternate uniforms.

15.) L.A. Rams

Well at least their jersey's aren't a total stinker like the entire team. These give us a retro style feel even though they are not. Another team that could experiment with gold uniforms in the future.

16.) San Francisco 49ers

Don't the 49ers already have a black jersey with red numbers? The answer is YES! I would've loved to have seen them incorporate gold into the uniform in some way, either with the numbers or base color of the jersey.

17.) Carolina Panthers

These ones hurt my eyes a little, but they aren't that bad. Had they only added more black. (I was hoping for silver uniforms with blue numbers).

18.) New York Jets

Another team that would've benefitted from a throwback style color rush jersey is the Jets. When your team only has two colors, you need to mix it up in some way. Give me the old jet logo and now we're talking.

19.) Arizona Cardinals

Although the team will be switching to white color rush uniforms, the black color rush ones are interesting. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't really screw up black and red.

20.) Green Bay Packers

I like the fact that they kept their tradition in tact with the jersey, however, this is a great opportunity to sell jerseys for one of the most storied NFL franchises. I would have liked to see green jerseys with yellow numbers and a white trim.

21.) Minnesota Vikings

The more I look at these, the more I like them. If they weren't too much like the jerseys their already wearing, I would rate them higher.

22.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The team that most recently made adjustments to their regular jersey's, These are decent...but I want the color rush creamsicle uni's.

23.) Philadelphia Eagles

24.) Denver Broncos

I'm glad they decided to use orange as their primary jersey color, but there's just something lacking here. Blue numbers maybe?

25.) Dallas Cowboys

Was hoping for a little more imagination from Nike on this one. I would've liked the star logo incorporated more on the jersey...perhaps a star with the player's number inside on the sleeve.

26.) Tennessee Titans

If any uniform hurts my eyes the most to look at, it might be this one. The brightness of the team's jersey is a bit overwhelming, but they tried their best.

27.) Jacksonville Jaguars

We've seen this one before, and once again I hope we see it for the last time.

28.) Houston Texans

Gray would not have been my choice for the Texans. I think red would've suited the team just fine, but at least it's something different.

29.) Chicago Bears

As iconic of a uniform the Bears have, they laid an egg on this one. A bit boring if you ask me.

30.) Washington Redskins

Straight up ugly is what these uniforms are. Whoever came up with this 'lets dress our guys up like Ronald McDonald look', needs to stop and think about their life choices. If I was a Redskins fan, I would be very disappointed about this.

31.) Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts jerseys...look like the Indianapolis Colts jerseys. Basically throw on blue pants to their already existent jersey and you get this boring uniform.

32.) Cleveland Browns

No other jersey epitomizes their team as much as the Cleveland Browns. A brown jersey with brown pants and you have a team full of walking feces on the field. I would have liked to see them incorporate the orange a bit more and do away with as much brown as possible to avoid the ridicule.