Norfolk State celebrated their shocking 86-84 win over Missouri in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.  There are a few great moments in this video.


Norfolk State pulled off one of the biggest shockers in NCAA Tournament history by beating Missouri 86-84.  It was only the fifth time in NCAA Tournament history that a #15 seed beat a #2 seed.  However, just a few hours later, #15 seeded Lehigh shocked #2 seeded Duke 75-70.  There are now six #15 seeds that have beaten a #2 seed.

There are a few great moments in this video.  I love the 'We Gonna Shock The World' song (even with the off-beat locker drums).  I like when Kyle O'Quinn yells, ""You see it," about 27 times at the 55-second mark.  Brandon Goode takes an accidental punch at the 1:40 mark.  Plus, I love the 'Our Father' at the end of the video. 

It's funny to me how there are so many conversations about athletes who make religious references (like Tim Tebow), when religion is such a big part of sports.  Nobody freaks out if NFL players kneel down at midfield to pray following a game, or if teams say an 'Our Father' in the locker room, but if Tim Tebow kneels on the field or mentions Jesus in a postgame press conference, it's a huge deal.  Very ironic. 

It was great to see Norfolk State celebrate a huge victory.  This is what sports is all about.  Celebrate your triumphs while working to achieve more of them.

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