Buffalo Sabres fans still have a chip on their shoulder about the Carolina Hurricanes.  So why was one of the Bills seen wearing their jersey and firing up the crowd?

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Buffalo has always been a One Buffalo City

It's only over the last couple of years that the Bills, Sabres, and Bandits have really embraced the "One Buffalo" mantra, but it's been like this for a long time.  It's not uncommon for someone to be a huge fan of both of the teams.  They're our hometown teams and we defend them fiercely.  Which is why this seemed to hurt some fans.

Carolina Hurricanes have a cool pregame ritual

You may have seen the Kansas City Chiefs pounding on a drum before their game.  LeBron James used to have a whole long pregame hand-chalking ceremony before their games.  The Carolina Hurricanes do their own thing too.

They sound a siren before the game.  They'll bring up an important person to come up and get people fired up before the game begins by sounding the siren to tell people that something big is happening.

Buffalo Bills Running Back Sounds The Siren For The Carolina Hurricanes

So why was Nyheim Hines who is currently on the team for the Buffalo Bills sounding the siren before the Carolina Hurricanes faced the New Jersey Devils in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals?  Obviously, Buffalo fans are still sore about the times that the 'Canes beat the Sabres in the playoffs all those years ago.

Why would he do it?

The quick answer is that he's from there.  It's his hometown team.  It wouldn't be any different if one of our native Buffalonians took an opportunity to play for another team and then came back to fire up Buffalo fans before a Sabres game.

He was born and raised there and he was just representing his hometown.  While I get that it hurts to see one of our Buffalo players wearing another team's jersey, you have to understand, right?

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