Let's face it - there are just too many professional sports teams.  The quality of play is suffering because of it.

The talent pool is diluted - meaning that there aren't enough good players on each team and several players that aren't good enough to be on professional rosters.

I've got a solution.

Contraction.  That's right, just get rid of some teams and call it a night.  Here's my list of teams from each sport (except the NFL), that must go:

MLB – TAMPA BAY RAYS: Why don’t people go to games?  Lack of success, lack of talent and lack of care level.  Well, Tampa Bay had all of those things for the past several years and no one cared.

No one went to the games – playoffs or otherwise.  Their stadium wasn't even 3/4 full on Opening Day!

Not only that, but they play in the worst stadium in baseball and they’ll never build a new one.


The stadium is in horrible location - bad parking, too crowded downtown and just not planned well.  And they aren't getting a new one anytime soon because Tampa and St. Petersburg can’t agree on where to build the new stadium.

NBA - CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Or are they still called the Hornets?  Honestly, do you even care about this team?  North Carolina is a state that follows college basketball more than the NBA.

The Hornets didn’t work there and they’ve continued to have bad management under George Shinn, Robert Johnson (BET founder) and now Michael Jordan.  A combination of wacky owners and bad player personnel decisions have led to fan apathy.

NHL – ANY TEAM SOUTH OF VIRGINIA: The Atlanta Thrashers, Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators should all be blown out.  Sorry.

And out west, I'd get rid of the Phoenix Coyotes.

In all of the above, there's just no interest in hockey, they are all warm weather cities with too much else to do.  Fans in those cities didn’t grow up with hockey.


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