NYRA President and CEO Chris Kay handed the Triple Crown trophy to the American Pharoah team earlier this summer. He detailed with Armen and Levack what that moment was like: 

"It was so cool," said Kay. "We were engulfed in the largest wall of sound I have ever heard. This was unbelievable. It was bedlam in the winners circle, we had about 85 people there.


"It was a tremendous honor and joyful moment giving away that trophy. I heard from race fans from all around the world the following week."

It's true that the Triple Crown accomplishment has rumbled the sports world on every part of the planet, so is NYRA expecting an extra boost this summer?

"Every year we’ve been building to make this a better and better experience. We were very encouraged by some of the sales we had, even before the Triple Crown. If he comes, of course it will be huge. But having him on the cover of Sports Illustrated has helped the entire sport."

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