New York state may be joining California and South Carolina in making laws that would shake up the NCAA's future. According to a report by , Congressman Kevin Parker of Brooklyn New York collegiate athletic participation compensation act. According to the bill

at the conclusion of each school year, each college shall take fifteen percent of the revenue earned from ticket sales to all athletic events and divide and pay such amount to all student-athletes

Although I have said in the past, college athletes should be allowed to benefit from their likeness or image, the fifteen percent of revenue should be dropped from the bill. That is not how many American businesses work. Each athlete weather it be professional or collegiate have perceived "value" in similiar fashion to American employees. If you can prove your "value" is worth something than it should not match those of other employees than can not do the same. This is the problem with the fifteen percent. However, the proposed bill does what I'm to see and is to put continued pressure on the NCAA.


What do you make of this New York State proposed bill? Do you believe college athletes should be allowed to profit off their likeness and image? Let us know below.

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