Baltimore Ravens v New York Giants
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This just in Odell Beckham Jr is REALLY good! Forget the antics, forget that other players can get in his head and forget he was seen with a Kardashian. OBJ is maybe the best big play threat in the entire NFL. OF OBJ's 583 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns on the season 222 yards and two touchdowns came this week against the Ravens. Which is why OBJ is this week's NFC Offensive player of the week.

I for one hope he moves on from the kicking net and maybe begins a relationship with a bench warmer or a Microsoft Tablet but the simple facts are the man can play and will continue to catch headlines and the attention of the media. The only are of Odell's game I have an issue with is that he needs to channel his passion into monster touchdowns and not losing his cool against guys like Josh Norman and the Rams secondary. Remember this Rams team is the one two years ago that showed us the best way to slow OBJ down is to get under his skin. If OBJ can rise above this Sunday in London against the Rams the Giants can win and he can begin to silence all the critics.

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