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Dan-Wow, are all the horse protesting people going to be grateful for this or what?

Matt-Most people that don't enjoy extreme animal suffering will be grateful.

Greg-Yeah Dan; I am.

Mark-But Climate Change is fake, right Republicans? Wait until it will be too damn hot to play baseball, then you'll be like "Duhhh whyyyy?'

Jimmy Mac-is a Nancy for backing !!!!! 95?! What is happening to us!

Toe Shoes-On the Ponies

Mike-$10 whole dollars, easy does it big spender. Bet big to win big, come on Levack

Brian-And this is why they didn't want to legalize gambling. First day it's legal and levack out here waging his whole paycheck on the Yankees to win the World Series

Jon Snow-Where can i do that (Rivers Casino)

Ryan-If you didn't already say fanny pack, cocaine was 100% my guess.

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