From Todays Times Union:

"In Ozawa Hall on Sunday night, something will happen that (safe bet) has never before happened in the 79-year history of Tanglewood: A performer will fake an orgasm onstage.

This momentous event will occur as part of “Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret,” a program of music co-created and emceed by the Australian author, actor, comedian and satirist best known for his Dame Edna Everage alter ego. Cabaret performer Meow Meow will do the honors on the work in question, Erwin Schulhoff’s 1919 “Sonata Erotica,” a carefully notated piece for solo female voice that mimics the arc of a woman as she ascends and descends from the moment of ecstasy"

This is the first time for the stage in Tanglewood an fake orgasm will take place. I have witnessed many myself in person. I think. So if your into firsts this might be a fun show for you to attend.