Could not find a ball shot photo!

This is the reason you need to wear a cup. This young man might have killed his chances of having kids! I think any guy that's played sports has taken a crotch shot- I know I have, and man it hurts. I once had a friend who lost a nut because of it. I wondered why getting hit in that particular spot hurts so much. Mental Floss explains it:

More than any other bodily injury, getting hit in the testicles is probably what every man dreads most. Of all the soft, fleshy spots on the human body, none register the same kind of incapacitating, end-of-the-world pain as the family jewels.

What causes such inconceivable pain? Well, for starters, a shot to the balls is just like any other physical strike to the body: because of nerves, it’s gonna hurt. Unlike most other parts of your body, though, your scrotum lacks protection in the form of bones, large muscle mass, and fat. The testes are just wee little glands, and they’re going to absorb the whole force of the blow all on their own.

Another thing that makes a ball shot so painful is the same thing that makes almost every other sensation down there so much fun. Your groin has a ridiculously high number of sensory nerve endings, and such generous innervation makes good and bad touches alike very noticeable sensations.

So guys, wear a cup, or if you do get hit in the balls, don't scream like a little girl.