Paul George of the Indiana Pacers lit up the crowds the other night when he pulled off a 360-degree windmill slam dunk during a game against the L.A. Clippers.

With six minutes left in the fourth quarter of the game, George stole the ball and ran it back towards the Pacers' goal. At this point, the Pacers were leading the Clippers by 20 points, sitting at 96 points while the Clippers stood at 74. George gains some momentum starting from the free throw line and takes flight. While in the air, he twists his body around, going 360 degrees before slamming down the ball into the basket.

The crowd, the announcers, George himself and all of his teammates erupt into a volley of cheers. After he lands, he stomps around in disbelief. It's sort of like a mix of bewilderment at the fact that he actually pulled off the dunk and the sudden realization that yes, he's really as incredible as he thinks he is.

Watch the incredible footage above and marvel at how George seems to get the time down perfectly, resulting in one of the smoothest executions of a dunk we've seen in a good while. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to practice the same move, except with the help of a trampoline and several pillows strapped onto several body parts.

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