The match up for Super Bowl 48 is set, and it's already being billed as a battle of good vs. evil.  The Denver Broncos and their white knight Peyton Manning vs. the cocky, arrogant Seattle Seahawks.

I for one, will be rooting hard for the Broncos.  I've always loved Peyton Manning.  For my money, he's the best quarterback I've ever seen, and a second Super Bowl - after beating Tom Brady - may well secure him that moniker.  His career deserves another ring, I want to see him get it.

And, quite frankly, I hate the Seattle Seahawks.  I loathe the way they carry themselves, their angry, tough guy bravado.  I can't stand Richard Sherman, and I'll be hoping Peyton Manning throws for nine touchdowns, each over top of loud-mouth corner.

What about you? For whom will you be rooting?  And for more thoughts on Richard Sherman, check out

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