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NFL Mandates GMs And Head Coaches Will Draft From Their Homes
The NFL Draft will happen April 23rd thru April 25th but now we know it won't be in Las Vegas as a matter of fact it won't be in NFL facilities at all. In a two page memo commissioner Roger Goodell instructed teams to have their personnel to draft virtually from their own homes.
Have Odds Makers Finally Lost Their Minds?
It is now clear that this year's NFL Draft will be very different than we're used to. With the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 the NFL will be forced to have all teams and players be in remote locations. Teams will either be at their facilities or a safe and legal location. While players wil…
Sittin’ Sportside Sunday: 75% Covid Free
Well Sittin' Sportside Sunday goes on even with no live sports happening and this week we continue to focus on what we all still love which is Sports! On the show this week I had to discuss the meeting the commissioners had with President Trump and what it means for the potential for all season…
Odds say the Jets Will Struggle On The Road
Obviously a lot can change between now and September 10th, 2020. Which at this moment is opening day of the 2020 NFL Season. Honestly with the way the world is currently turning we might be lucky just to have football on September 10th. The odds makers certainly don't have faith in the Jets cha…

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