When you were a kid, chances are you had a lemonade stand at some point, right? Little did you know as a 7-year-old, you broke the law. Now, a company has decided to make sure no kid has to worry this summer.

You may remember from the news last year that a young kid in Ballston Spa got in trouble for his lemonade stand because he didn't have a permit. We have it easy. Did you know that in some states having a lemonade stand is completely illegal? According to Country Time Legal Aide, lemonade stands are only legal in 15 of the 50 states, but Country Time Lemonade wants to change that.

If your kid is planning on having a lemonade stand this summer, Country Time Lemonade wants to help you. On their website, you can not only find suggestions for how to go about changing your state's legislature on lemonade stands, as well as help obtaining permits, and you can even get Country Time to pay for your permit for you.

Lemonade stand fines can be upwards of $300. If you've ever had a lemonade stand before, whether it yours or your child's, between the money the parents put into it and the money the kids make back - $300 is a lot! Country Time Lemonade says that if you end up getting fined for a lack of permit, they will take care of the costs for you as long as you submit before 9/2 and they haven't given out $30,000 worth of offers yet.

Lemonade stands were one of the first experiences I've had with money. I still can't believe we're ticketing young children for making at most $100. In New York, according to the New York Post, because of the stand in Ballston Spa last year, we're awaiting the decision from the Senate and Assembly that would exempt children under 16 from the permit law. Until it passes, we have Country Time Lemonade, I guess. Who knew it would just take a lemonade company to help try and change the laws?

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