Pat Mahomes Sr. has been arrested, eight days before Super Bowl LVIII.

The former New York Mets' pitcher, and father of current Kansas City Chiefs' superstar Patrick Mahomes, was booked by police on Saturday evening in Tyler, TX. More details have emerged on what led to the arrest of the 53-year old Mahomes, who pitched in the Major Leagues for 11 seasons.

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Pat Mahomes Sr. Arrested on DWI Charges Eight Days Before Super Bowl

A story from The New York Post and other sources confirmed that Pat Mahomes Sr. was arrested on Saturday night on DWI charges. This was the "third time or more" that Mahomes was arrested on this charge.

He was booked in Tyler, TX shortly before 8PM, according to reports.

According to The Post, Mahomes driving with an open 16-ounce Coors beer in the center console, and told authorities he had had a few beers while watching a game at a local bar.

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Mahomes Sr. was described as driving slower than the rest of traffic around him at the time. He was also driving a car with an expired registration, which led to him being pulled over for a routine traffic stop (at the time).

Authorities executed a field sobriety test, during which he displayed six clues of intoxication, according to The Post.

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Mahomes Sr. was a three-sport athlete in high school --- baseball, football and basketball --- and chose to pursue baseball professionally after graduating from high school. He was drafted in 1988 by Minnesota, and made his MLB debut for the Twins in 1992.

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Mahomes signed with the New York Mets in December of 1998, and stayed in Queens through the end of the 2000 season. In total, he appeared in 92 regular season games (five starts) with the Mets, with a 4.74 ERA, 13–3 record, and 127 strikeouts in 157+23 innings.

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Mahomes has four children. His three sons are Patrick, Jackson, and Graham, and he also has a daughter, Zoe.

More information on this arrest is expected to be released soon, but a third DWI conviction is penalized by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to Texas law, as quoted by The Post.


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