A peanut butter & jelly sandwich is basically a one-a-day vitamin for me Capital Region.  Sometimes I'm faced with a tough decision when it comes to eating a PB & J though.

During the work week, I normally eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch each day.  Sometimes we'll order a pizza instead.  Sometimes I don't have enough time to eat before my show starts at 1pm, and will just wait to have a good dinner.

I'm faced with a tough decision at times.  Do I eat my day old PB & J or make a new one?  I'm both proud & ashamed to say that I'll typically gobble up the day-old sandwich.  I'm proud that I'm not wasting food.  I'm somewhat ashamed that I'm putting my health in jeopardy by eating food that looks like it belongs in the garbage a week ago.

The day-old sandwich that I ate today resembled roadkill, but it got the job done.  It's kinda like Philip Rivers' throwing motion.  I urge you to not turn your back on day-old PB & J's Capital Region.  Don't judge a book by its cover in this situation.