What makes a day perfect?

It's an extremely subjective question, one that every person on Earth would probably answer slightly differently. Perfection could involve the people you're with, the things you do, the food you eat and so much more.

So, when experts say that an upcoming day will be "perfect" in the Capital Region and the state of New York, what could they possibly mean?

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When Will a "Perfect Day" Happen in the Capital Region, NY?

The Family Destinations Guide has taken their best shot at determining the "most perfect day" for every state, including New York, on their website. More specifically, they weighed certain criteria, including temperature, sunlight and the longest day data to determine what day was best to vacation to a given state.

Albany's Empire State Plaza (Photo: Sue MacDonald TSM)
Albany's Empire State Plaza (Photo: Sue MacDonald TSM)

Based on their research, it was determined that Sunday, July 17th will be the most perfect day in the state of New York this year, and by extension, the most perfect day in the Capital Region.

If you're looking to visit other states in the Northeast on their respective perfect days, then this week is likely the week to do it. Maine's perfect day hits on July 11th, Massachusetts happens on the 16th, Rhode Island also on the 17th, and Connecticut on the 18th. If you're busy this week, try visiting Pennsylvania on the 20th and New Jersey on the 21st.

Need Things to Do Around Albany, NY, on This Perfect Day?

Now that we know when the "perfect day" is happening in the Capital Region, it's time to build the perfect itinerary. At the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, you can see Chicago and Brian Wilson with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin.

Saratoga Race Course (Getty Images)
Saratoga Race Course (Getty Images)

Elsewhere, you can see a performance of Jersey Boys at the Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany. You can take a tour of the Ten Broeck Mansions courtesy of the Albany County Historical Association, and you can go on the Albany & The Erie Canal Skyway Tour. Possibly best of all, you can head up to the Saratoga Race Course, and take part in Opening Weekend for the 2022 Summer Meet.

Either way I hope you enjoy your perfect Sunday in the Capital Region!

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