How long is a life time ban? About 26 years. Just weeks after Pete Rose celebrated his 74th birthday on April 14th he may have received his favorite present of all. Major League Commissioner Rob Manfred has decided to allow Rose to participate in the All Star Game July 14th at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

Manfred has not confirmed what Rose'd role will be just yet but he did say "you can rest assured he will be allowed to participate." This is great news for anyone that has had enough of the suspension and is looking forward to "Charlie Hustle" the greatest hitter in league history to return to the game.

In the past Rose was allowed to participate All-Century team announcement at Atlanta's Turner Field during the 1999 World Series and a Reds ceremony in 2013 honoring their 1975 and `76 championship teams. I have to say this time feels different though. I think this is Manfred dipping his toe in the water and soon Pete Rose will be back in baseball where he belongs.

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