ESPN's Buster Olney didn't waffle when asked if he felt Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred would let Pete Rose back into baseball.

"No, absolutely not," said Olney, on 104.5 The Team, days after returning from the All-Star game in Cincinnati. "I don’t think so. We interviewed Manfred on our set for Baseball Tonight, Karl Ravech and myself. The phrase that he said stuck out to Karl and I, we talked about it after Rob left, he said at one point that ‘I’m a rules guy.’"

"Remember, they have 10 other players in history who have been banned for this offense, none of them have been let back in.

"Nothing that has happened since 1989 with Pete Rose has really changed Pete has had opportunities to work this out and each time he’s blown it. [Rose] never really has come out and fully told the truth and acknowledged exactly what happened ... The fact there is little to no support among Pete’s peers to let him back into the sport, I think that will be one of the reasons that Rob will turn it down."

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