PGA golfer Dan Olsen is at the center of a controversy surrounding former world #1 Tiger Woods.  Olsen claims that insiders have told him Woods' leave of absence from the tour is due to him being suspended for PED's.  He went on to explain how Woods will become the Lance Armstrong of golf.

"Well I heard he's been suspended.  I heard he is on a month's suspension and it's a strong witness, a credible person that is telling me this...Well it's not testosterone, but it's something else.  I mean, I think when it's all said and done, I think he is going to pass Lance Armstrong with...a...infamy."

Olsen, who made his debut on the PGA Tour in 1989 and has played in only 35 career PGA Tour events, says that Nike is at fault as well for giving Tiger an equipment advantage with the ball that he uses.

"Nike's been giving Tiger a ball that I would almost bet hadn't been tested.  And that ball, he won with that ball early and then they couldn't go back...Tiger has been playing a super high spin ball since about 1998 or '99.  So combined with his supernatural talent, he had an advantage with the ball too, so Nike can't cover that up anymore."

Tiger last played at Torrey Pines where he withdrew due to back pain and later explained that he would take a leave from golf until his game is ready.  With the Masters a month away, when will Tiger make yet another return to golf?