Vic is a die hard yankee fan. In this episode of "Yankee Clubhouse" he rants at the Ghost of George Steinbrenner…

So what's the big difference between Hal and Hank and George? Here is what Derek Jeter had to say in an interview with NY magazine and reprinted by the NY Daily News…

"The Captain says the Boss’ sons don’t have the same passion as their late dad.

Derek Jeter took a parting shot at Hank and Hal Steinbrenner for failing to stop by the clubhouse during rough stretches, the way George did.

“They’re not around as much as the Boss was,” Jeter,

“The Boss would pop in frequently during the course of the season. Hal and Hank, they don’t really come in too often.”

He added, “They might be at the stadium, but they don’t come through the clubhouse. The Boss, we weren’t playing good, he’d come through the clubhouse, look you up and down, and shake his head.”

Let's just hope the recent trades help make the Yankees a better team for the 2017 season.