I promised that I would never post another "Call Me Maybe" parody video unless I had a very good reason to do so.  In my opinion, this qualifies.

If you asked me the following question; "Hey, Brian.  Who is the most likely candidate to do a parody video of 'Call Me Maybe'?"  There is absolutely no way that I would've correctly guessed the Pittsburgh Steelers.  However, the Black & Gold are the latest group to join the "Call Me Maybe" parody craze.

There is something to take out of this video aside from cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker LaMarr Woodley dancing around like little school girls.  Success gives you more wiggle room.  If this video was made by the Seattle Seahawks people would say things like, "Oh, see.  That's why they never win anything.  They're busy goofing around."  Yet, when the Pittsburgh Steelers make a video like this, nobody says squat because they have six Super Bowl titles.  It's funny how that works.

One of the best "Call Me Maybe" parody videos of all time is posted below.  Alright, that's a gross exaggeration, but take a look at me and some of my Townsquare Media Albany peeps.

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