When it comes to watching sports there is one food that is paired so well with it and that would be pizza.  So why is pizza the ultimate sports food?

Pizza has been an American favorite for what seems to be forever.  It's turned into a billion dollar industry and come Sunday when the game comes on pizza joints everywhere are scrambling to get out orders of the greasy cheesy goodness.  So why is pizza the ultimate food when it comes to sports?  The answers are pretty simple.

Sure there are other options, like subs or sandwiches, but pizza is by far the easiest crowd pleaser.  Everyone loves pizza and it's usually pretty easy to decide on toppings, even amongst a big group.  It's also an easy thing to eat during a game.  Just grab a slice and go.  It's pretty simple.  Plus when you have pizza the side options are always going to be chicken wings, so it's almost like a two for one with that.

So before you plan out your Super Bowl party this year you might want to head over to Pizza Wars 2012.  We'll have the best of the best in Albany area competing once again for the crown of best pizza in the area, so you'll have some great choices to choose from.