I used to bowl in a league. Every Tuesday night my friends and I would meet at the Playdium Bowling Center in Albany. The name of the league was "Romper Room' and it was a crazy mix of good and average bowlers as well as guys like me who depending on the night and how many beers I had could be good or terrible. Bottom line is I met people I never would of met had I not bowled and I loved it. Now Playdium is closing and it stings.

Bowling was a fun escape from the week and now Albany has no place to Moon light bowl, just roll a few or get together with a league and has some friendly competition. I still remember Neil Luther, the owner of Playdium. I highly doubt he'd remember me, seeing as how it's been years since I've bowled and maybe a decade since I bowled at Playdium but he always had a welcoming smile and treated me and my friends right. I'll miss that place and dread the idea of another apartment complex taking it's place but I'll always have great memories and wish Neil well in whatever he chooses to do next.

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