Ok, everyone seems to be talking about Pokemon. The front page of the Times Union had five stories about this on their front page.

Kristi Gustafson Barlette wrote this:

"Sure, I know a new game came out last week and I know people are going crazy for it, but why? Why is this round of Pokemon any different than the others? Why are armed robbers using the app to target victims? Why are people risking their lives and kayaking into the ocean to capture gyms? Why isn’t Pokemon spelled Pokeman?

Why, why, why?

The whole thing is as confusing to me as the appeal of SnapChat. (Insert the #ImOld hashtag)."

I'm with Kristi, although whomever in the marketing department created
this craze, give them a raise. Everyone I know is doing this
insanity: "I found Pokeman in my car," "Look he's a saratoga race track," "Oh my God he's at the EGG," "Oh he's in a dumpster outside the Cheesecake Factory."

I hate to say this, but I just stabbed Pokeman in the neck.