Oscar Pistorius' case that he was merely protecting himself from a burglar when shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to death is looking flimsier and flimsier by the day.

First there was the revelation yesterday that the police had been called to his home in the past for reasons of a "domestic nature." Now it has come out that authorities were called to Pistorius' home just hours before the shooting due to neighbors complaining about a loud argument between the couple.

It has also been reported by multiple sources that Pistorius' four lethal gunshots were through his bathroom door, making it seem less likely that he thought the person in his house was a burglar, unless South Africa has a large contingent of incontinent burglars.

As I've said from the beginning of this situation Pistorius is, like everyone else, innocent until proven guilty. With that said, the latest reports out of South Africa only serve to make him look worse than he did previously, which will not help his case when tried for premeditated murder.

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