Dieting is an extremely hard thing to do. Every person who attempts a food diet has certain foods that are very hard to say no to. A group of American dieters weighed in, no pun intended, on the types of foods that they despise the most when trying to lose weight.

Once the 3000 dieters had all been surveyed, the results showed a prominent New York food among the top answers on the list of most hated foods while on a diet.

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Common New York Food Item Included on Hated Foods While on a Diet

A survey done by the people at Feast Good surveyed 3,000 Americans, all of whom have tried dieting at one point or another. The goal of the survey was to determine which food items were loathed most by those who were attempting to lose weight.

The survey results showed that a New York staple, the bagel with cream cheese, was the 17th-most hated food in America by those trying to diet.

Unsplash / Hanyang Zhang
Unsplash / Hanyang Zhang

Of the "most iconic fatty foods dieters find the most difficult to give up when they are trying to be healthy", no food was named more than Vermont's ice cream, which most iconic fatty foods dieters find the most difficult to give up when they are trying to be healthy, according to Feast Good.

Here were the other foods in the list's Top 10:

  1. Vermont: Ice Cream
  2. Kentucky: Fried Chicken
  3. Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteak
  4. Massachusetts: Chocolate Chip Cookie
  5. Illinois: Deep-dish Pizza
  6. Missouri: Barbecued Ribs
  7. Oklahoma: Chicken Fried Steak
  8. Alaska: Alaskan Ice Cream
  9. Wisconsin: Deep-fried Cheese Curds
  10. Tennessee: Hot Chicken

These were the selections named most often by the participants of the survey.

Unsplash / Tara Evans
Unsplash / Tara Evans

Which cheat day meal do you struggle to avoid most while on a diet? Is it New York's bagel and cream cheese, New Hampshire's New England Clam Chowder, Connecticut's 2-foot-long Hot Dog, or something completely different?

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