In late March this year, (landowner) Baruch Aronson submitted paperwork to add a “marijuana dispensary and marijuana growing/processing” use to the change of zoning application. -FoothillsBusinessDaily


With cannabis now legal in New York State, we know it's only a matter of time within the next year or so that legalized cannabis dispensaries will be popping up throughout New York, but where?

That's literally the million-dollar question.

And with so many millions of dollars at stake in the future sales of legalized weed and weed products in New York, this harkens back to 2014 and 2015, when cities and towns in Upstate New York were vying to get the area's first casino.

As of right now, nothing is set in stoned - err stone yet -  but one landowner in Saratoga Springs recently proposed an area off of Exit 15, a wooded 16-acre area in a very high traffic part of town.

According to FoothillsBusinessDaily, the proposed area sits behind the parking lots of a Kohl's and Hannaford building, and the pot dispensary would be part of the Weibel Plaza Planned Unit Development.

Brian Cody
Proposed spot in Saratoga for a future cannabis dispensary

Baruch Aronson who owns the property, according to the source, "(hopes)to change the zoning and the “use” of the property to allow for a marijuana dispensary, a lawyer for the developer told the Saratoga Springs City Council on Tuesday, April 19."

About 16 acres of the land in the PUD was never developed - but could be within the next year or so.

Location is everything and this spot off of Exit 15 of the Northway fits the criteria mandated by the state.  According to the source, proposed dispensaries need to be in a location away from schools, churches, and even other dispensaries.

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