The Thousand Islands territory of New York State has a rich history of urban legend and confirmed stories of being a haven for pirates and smugglers. Being so close to Canada "Rum Runners", as they were called, would bring Prohibition-Era alcohol from Canada and hide it throughout the islands before distributing to New Yorkers and beyond.

There are nearly 2,000 islands that make up this region and one of those islands is for sale. Could this be a former smugglers paradise? A hiding place for illegal whiskey, rum and scotch?

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0 Pine Tree Island in Hammond, New York sits in the Saint Lawrence River, literally a stones throw away from Canada. The location of the land would have made it a desired spot for smugglers in the 1920's. Load a boat with illegal spirits, sail across the river and hide the loot until it's safe to move.

Aside from speculation, there is no confirmation that this was indeed a smugglers island but I can tell you that, for the first time in 30 years, it's on the market and it could be yours for $630,000. Listed by Robin Gedney Lucas for Southerby's International Realty.

Southeby's International Realty
Southeby's International Realty

This property comes with much more than the possibility of being a smugglers island, you could literally own on of the Thousand Islands! Let's not worry about where to park your car or how you will have a pizza delivered. Let's focus on the one-of-a-kind details of 0 Pine Tree Island.

Before you scroll through the pictures below I will let you know you can enjoy 360 degree views, hot tub, sunken bathroom and more!

Former Smugglers Island?

Could this New York island have been one of the legendary 'smugglers islands' of the 1920's? Yes, being so close to Canada, it certainly could have been! Whether it was or was not, take a look at 0 Pine Tree Island, listed by Robin Gedney Lucas at Southeby's International Realty.

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