Have you ever seen that movie where a criminal decides to put on a mask and rob the local gas station for some quick money? Sure you have, that scene is played out in a number of different movies that hit the silver screen over the years. In the early morning hours of November 9th, that scene came to life in Queensbury, New York.

According to CBS6, the Warren County Sherriff's office is investigating a truly scary armed robbery at a local convenience store. Here are the details. Maybe you can help identify the suspect.

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This incident took place shortly after midnight on Wednesday November 9th at the Cumberland Farms location at 410 Quaker Road in Queensbury. Considering that this store closes at midnight, one could assume that the criminal waited until closing to attempt the robbery.

It will be difficult to identify this suspect as the individual's features were covered with a bright red winter coat, blue hoodie, red sneakers and a Halloween style skeleton mask to cover the face.


As you can see from the surveillance image, the suspect is holding what appears to be a handgun. No official word on what the criminal was after or what this person left the store with. What we can tell you is that the Warren County Sheriff's Department is investigating and looking for this individual.

If you have any information that could help solve this crime please contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the Warren County Sheriff's Office at 518-743-2500. You could also leave an anonymous tip if you'd prefer at 518-761-9800.

Warren County Sheriff's Office
Warren County Sheriff's Office

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