After two weeks of the National Football League season, there were just seven teams left with 2-0 records.

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Amazingly, only two of them were from the AFC, and neither of them were the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, or any of the other three playoff teams from 2020.

That number is going to dwindle in Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, and so on, but what are the chances that the teams that were 2-0 after two weeks win their conference, and the Super Bowl?

Here is a look at each team that started with two wins, with their odds (by Caesars sportsbook from Illinois) to win the NFC/AFC and Super Bowl LVI.

1-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, +260 to win NFC, +575 to win Super Bowl

Of course, the team led by Tom Brady, who are also the defending Super Bowl champions, would be at the top of this list. While the defense has not been the same as last year (yet), the offense looks much better, which is a scary thought for other teams. The NFC is much tougher, though, than the AFC, and the path to a repeat could be perilous.

2-Los Angeles Rams,+550 to win NFC, +1100 to win Super Bowl

The first team from the best division in football to make this list, and there are still three teams unbeaten from the NFC West. They have a huge contest in Week 3 with Brady and the Bucs, which could be a NFC Championship Game preview. This team is scary, and is worth throwing a few bucks down on for either of those bets, especially with some betting offers out there. The other interesting thing is, if the Rams do get to the Super Bowl, it will be the second straight season a team will play in its home stadium in the big game. We all know how that turned out in February.

3-San Francisco 49ers, +600 to win NFC, +1300 to win Super Bowl

Same as the Rams, but San Francisco might not be as good of a play, because of the quarterback spot. You are going to have to put up 30+ points to beat the Bucs, and I do not know if this offense can do it. But they did go to the Super Bowl two seasons ago, so the roster is still there.

4-Arizona Cardinals, +1300 to win NFC, +2800 to win Super Bowl

If you want to talk about the most intriguing team on this list, I introduce you to Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. I was on them last year, but it was a year too early. But this team looks very much like a playoff contender, and Murray is the explosive quarterback that might be able to post 30+ points in a playoff game. But it is early, and this team had to prove it over the coming weeks first. The 13/1 odds to win the NFC look very tempting, as do the 28/1 odds to win Super Bowl LVI.

5-Denver Broncos, +1400 to win AFC, +3000 to win Super Bowl

What a difference Teddy Bridgewater makes to this team, which is off to a 2-0 start for the first time since 2016. Along with the Raiders, Denver is one of only two unbeaten AFC teams after two weeks. But even with those tempting odds, it will be tough to see the Broncos be able to beat Cleveland, Kansas City, or Baltimore to the AFC title. Have stranger things happened? Of course. Denver is a better play than the other AFC 2-0 team.

6-Las Vegas Raiders, +2200 to win AFC, +5000 to win Super Bowl

Speaking of that other AFC team, Jon Gruden has the Raiders rolling, and Derek Carr has a long ball threat in Henry Ruggs III. But I think that is where it ends: I can’t see this team winning the league.

7-Carolina Panthers, +2200 to win NFC, +5000 to win Super Bowl

Break up the Panthers! It is amazing what a decent coach can do for you, right Sam Darnold? Carolina has a stout defense, a pretty good offense, and looks very much like a playoff team. But a Super Bowl team? I think maybe in a year or two you can start looking at that: this is too early.

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