It looks the NBA dream is over for now for Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette...

After signing with the Denver Nuggets for the summer league season and playing pretty well, Fredette appears ready to take his game overseas. Jimmer's signing with the Shanghai Sharks would signify that he has come to the conclusion that he is not an NBA player at this time.

Fredette was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks and traded to the Sacramento Kings on draft night. He also spent time with the Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks. He spent most of last year with the D-League affiliate of the Bulls, where he was named to the D-League All-Star Game and won MVP of the game after scoring 35 points.

People have long wanted Fredette to move his game overseas but he hadn't been ready to take that step. He figures to be handsomely paid in China and should become a star.

We wish him the best.

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