Sure, Rex Ryan wasn't acting like he had just won the Super Bowl on Sunday when his Bills helped eliminate the Jets - his former employer - from the AFC Playoff picture, but you know he had to feel good about it:

The Bills came out and played superior to the Jets in every facet on Sunday. Sammy Watkins tore apart Darrelle Revis, catching 11 passes for 136 yards in the win. Tyrod Taylor only threw for 182 yards total in the howling wind.

Taylor was the team's leading rusher as well, going for 51 yards on 10 carries. The real MVP of the game was the Buffalo defense, which intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick on the final three New York possessions.

The biggest one came in the endzone as Fitzpatrick looked for Eric Decker.

As a result of the loss, the Jets finish 10-6 and the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs. Pittsburgh beat the Browns on Sunday to clinch the berth the Jets left on the table.

Rex Ryan swept the Jets this year - both by scores of 22-17.