Rex Ryan is so dedicated to the fan base of Buffalo, he doesn’t hide from them when he’s out driving around in public. In fact, it’s very easy to spot the new head coach of the Bills.


While Levack and I were walking through the media parking lot and saw a Bills truck, someone close by told us, “Oh, that’s Rex’s truck”. Sure enough, ESPN’s Mike Rodak confirmed.

“He bought a truck and he got it painted with the Bills colors,” said Rodak, to Armen and Levack. “If you drive around Buffalo, people tell you that you see it around. I saw it, I was at Starbucks, the first day of camp. He was parked outside of Starbucks with the truck. That’s his style. He’s very inconspicuous.”

This story was first reported in February, so obviously it’s a known thing at this point. But hey, just know that Rex didn’t do it as a bit or to be funny. He seriously drives it around.

Coach Ryan is an odd guy so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised but think about it for a second. Would you buy a car with your employer’s logo and drive it around so that everyone knows who you represent at all times? Of course not.

Rex Ryan is proud to be with the Bills. Just go look at his wheels.

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