Jose Reyes hasn't played this season as Commissioner Rob Manfred sifts through the domestic violence allegations against the Rockies shortstop.

Reyes has been on paid leave since Spring Training. Formal charges against Reyes were dropped because his wife would not cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation. She also has not cooperated with MLBs investigation.

Jon Heyman reports that Reyes could receive anywhere between 60 and 80 games for the suspension.

My only concern with this is: Is that 60 or 80 more games? Or does it include the 30 or so he's already missed with the Rockies?

While it's fairly apparent that something happened that night with Reyes and his wife, I'd like to have the answer to that question.

In my opinion, the 60 or 80 games needs to include the time already served. He has already missed 30 games. It doesn't seem right to keep him in a holding pattern and then levy a suspension.