Well it is now official, Rich Hurley is returning to coach the Troy Boy's basketball team and we checked in with him during this time to hear his feelings as well as how he is preparing for next season. What made now the right time for Hurley? How about his relationship with Greg Davis? And how are his kids handling this news after he spent the lat few years coaching them? Make sure to listen above and to Big Board Sports every weekday from 10 AM to 1 PM!

Another big topic on the show was the MLB's report on the Red Sox and after spending months investigating, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred went extremely easy on the Boston Red Sox. No players or coaches were suspended, only the teams video-replay operator got the ax was suspended for 2020 for his role in the 2018 sign stealing scandal. Boston lost a second round draft pick., which is no big deal. Seems like a like a slap on the wrist, and Manfred placed no blame on former manager Alex Cora. Cora who was fired on January is suspended for 2020 but only for cheating when he was with the Astros.

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