This is breaking news from the Times Union:

ROTTERDAM - Mohonasen schools were locked down Monday morning after two students in gym class at Draper Middle School observed writing on the outdoor track "which contained non-specific information that could be interpreted as a threat," school officials said.
Police were called after the 9:50 a.m. discovery and are investigating.
School officials said they put the lockout in place to limit access to the building. All doors were locked, outdoor activities were suspended and visitors can only enter through the main entrance.

As a parent, this is almost the worst thing you can hear after dropping your child off at school. Trouble can happen anywhere at any school, as we have sadly seen over the last several years. Gone are the days were we can feel safe when the kids are out of our care. Today was a false alarm but my heart goes out to those parents who had to deal with this thankfully it was a false alarm.