The Royals beat the Mets yesterday to open the 2016 Major League Baseball season. It was a rematch of last year's World Series, which the Royals won in five games.

The game was also a rematch of the pitching matchup from the World Series clincher as Edinson Volquez (Kansas City) took on Matt Harvey (Mets).

And while Volquez pitched brilliantly, surrendering just two hits over six innings and getting the win, he did have a "wardrobe malfunction" early in the game...

How in the world did people let Volquez on the field with the wrong hat? The rest of the Royals were wearing "KC" hats. I noticed this when the television panned to Volquez in warmups.

You can see Volquez wearing the correct hat here, later in the game.

Getty Images

Also on a side note, the Royals gold lettering looked pretty sharp. I guess that's the perks of winning the World Series...