Last nights old school Russian American match-up brought up some feelings not felt since Ronald Regan fist punched the Berlin wall all over the Soviet Union.  These Russian fans are trying to take away what is a USA victory because we no longer have a shuttle program.


Screw those guys and their hilarious sign that is both smart and witty. Yah I laughed because it’s funny, not because I’m a Marxist. What ever bro, you still have a something that may more may not get you into outer space. I’m not sure all Russia gives us  now is bears and vodka, and we got plenty of bears.


What got lost in this attempt to spark Cold War II was that the US team thumped the Russians 13-6. Put that into your government issued pipe and smoke it sparingly in order to conserve it for the 6 months until your next ration.  And now here is a photo of a bear.

In Russia Man Take Bear to Prom