If you only follow the shoddy reporting of ESPN, whose journalistic integrity should be questioned, see the Bernie Fine case for example. you wouldn't know much if anything about claims that the "alleged hero" in the Rutgers mess is rumored to have tried to bribe the university before blowing the whistle on the abuses of former head basketball coach Mike Rice. However despite the fact that ESPN refuses or has refused to talk about this part of the mess, the FBI is reportedly investigating Murdock.

On video's played by ESPN you see Murdock talking about how this was the worst abuse he has ever seen. 1 might say Murdock is the hero in this case, someone who really cared about the well being of the basketball players abused by Rice. However if rumors are true, and they are prevalent and relevant, Murdock before deciding to turn over the videos may have tried to bribe Rutgers into giving him almost a million dollars to make the tapes go away.

Murdock's lawyer claims the 950,000 "request" was to settle a lawsuit which Murdock just filed, claiming he was terminated by Rutgers because he had the goods on Rice and was going to go public. Rutgers claims they didn't renew Murdocks contract with the university. Murdock served on Rice's staff as Director Of Player Development. He made 70,000 per year in the job.

ESPNNewYork reported that FBI special agent James Tareco was on university grounds late last week asking around Murdock. Murdock's attorney Raj Gadhok denies there was any extortion plan hatched by Murdock. An associate of Gadhok's sent a letter to Rutgers at the end of December. Murdocks folks contend the letter was a response to Rutgers correspondence asking what it would take to resolve the issue with Murdock not filing a wrongful termination. Gadhock said it wasn't extortion, that Murdock never claimed to give him x amount or he would run to the proper authorities with the video and blowing this case wide open.

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