Oh, snap!  Literally!  A holder for Rutgers had his right pinky finger rearranged during a college football game against South Florida on Thursday night. 

Football is a physical game.  There are a ton of injures that occur each season in college football and the NFL.  Big players with speed, athleticism, and bad attitudes collide with their opponents at full force.  It's no wonder that so many injuries occur in football.  However, you typically wouldn't suggest that being a field goal holder puts you directly in the line of fire.   

Rutgers' field goal holder J.T. Tartacoff had his right pinkie finger dislocated during a 23-13 win by Rutgers over South Florida.  His finger looked like something out of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."  It wasn't the most manly way to get injured either.  He's got to feel bad when his teammates get injured by opponents while he got injured by the football.  Yeesh.

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