If you looked at the man simply known as "Riddle" that won the WWE United States Championship last night and thought he looked familiar, you were right. Matt Riddle's journey through combat sports spans from Saratoga Springs High School to WWE US Champion now and the sky's the limit for this Bro.

Last night's "WWE Elimination Chamber" Pay per view featured some pretty high profile matches but none more important to the Capital Region than the "Triple-Threat" match for the United States Championship. The three opponents were the champion Bobby Lashley, John Morrison (stepping in for an injured Kieth Lee), and Riddle. The last name might sound familiar to fans of high school wrestling in here in Upstate New York. Matt Riddle wrestled for Saratoga Srings High School and even won a New York State Championship in 2004.

Riddle somehow has found a great mix of comic relief and pure athletic excitement in the ring. From trying to start new businesses back stage like "Bro-nuts" to winning a triple-threat match and carrying a title that Legends like Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Sting, and John Cena once carried.

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It's pretty great to see a guy that wrestled here in the Capital Region go on to win a state title, appear on the UFC's Ultimate Fighter and now a star in the WWE. In Riddle's post match interview he says he's "going to let the title raise him to new heights" not the other way around. Which is a pretty refreshing thing to hear. I'll be sure to watch more WWE knowing a hometown guy like Riddle is carrying a title and hope it's just the beginning.

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