The WWE continues to put shows on all three of the company's brands, despite still having no fans in attendance. The company has been using the Thunderdome experience with fans virtually participating in the show via videos surrounding the Amway Center in Orlando. This past Friday was night one of the WWE Draft, a bi-yearly event where superstars across RAW, Smackdown, and NXT could potentially switch what brands they perform on each night. This exciting event always has both wrestlers and fans engaged into what future matches we could see between the company's superstars. Recently former WWE Champion Seth Rollins was asked about a potential matchup with current WWE superstar and Saratoga High School graduate Matt Riddle. Below are his comments

Many wrestling fans noted that these comments seemed to not have to do with any storyline on any brand's shows. Instead Rollins' comments may be based on a real animosity towards Riddle. Wrestling fans noted that Riddle had deleted this tweet about Rollins' fiance and WWE superstar Becky Lynch from November 2019.



Rollins and Lynch are expecting their first child this December.

WWE's Monday Night Raw takes place tonight on the USA Network at 8pm. Tonight's episode features another night of the WWE Draft, so we could see Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins end up on the same brand. What do you make of Rollins' comments? Is the internet drawing too many conclusions about the story? Plus would you want to see a Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins match in the future? Let us know by downloading the FREE 104.5 The Team app and leaving a comment there.

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