What do you do when you are young, rich and famous? You buy a ferry boat!

Saturday Night live comedians Colin Jost and Pete Davidson teamed up to buy a recently decommissioned Staten Island Ferry. Why would they want to buy a boat that the city deemed in poor mechanical condition? Is it nostalgia, business or perhaps a little of each?

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The iconic John F. Kennedy ferry was decommissioned and then placed up for auction via PublicSurplus.com. Davidson and Jost won the bidding at just over $280,000 and have plans to turn the boat into a comedy club. How cool it must be to be able to purchase the same ferry the 2 comedians traveled on many times over the years.

This past Saturday night, Davidson joined Jost on "Weekend Update" to poke some fun at themselves.

Saturday Night Live Comedians Buy Staten Island Ferry

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