It may be another edition of a way to early forecast for the Capital Region, but we are tracking what could be a pretty big winter storm this weekend.

It's hard to believe we are just over a week away from Ground Hog Day and the halfway point of winter. And even if Punxsutawney Phil predicts another 6 weeks of winter, this year is pacing to be pretty lackluster as far as snowfall. Yes, it has been plenty cold, but we are way below average in the snow department.

How Much Snow Have We Gotten So Far This Winter?

The National Weather Service says we usually average around 29 inches of snow in December and January. By my estimation we have gotten maybe 8-10 inches of snow so far this winter in and around Albany, depending on where you live. Based on the weekend weather forecast from the Weather Channel, we could double this winter's snowfall total this weekend.

Albany Weekend Forecast Calling For Our Biggest Snowfall So Far In 2022

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A lot could change before the weekend, but as of today the Weather Channel is calling for a pretty big snowfall of almost a foot starting Friday and falling through Saturday. The exact timeline of the storm is still playing out, but as of now the snow will begin sometime Friday with 1 to 3 inches falling into Friday night, with an additional 5 to 8 inches falling on Saturday.

If we hit the upper end of this storm at 11 inches we would essentially double the snow fall we have had all winter! With the way things have gone this winter, my first reaction - is , nah it won't happen. But on the flipside, we are way overdue for a big snowfall. Will this finally be the one this winter?

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