On Monday afternoon with Goz and Brady (filling in for Armen and Levack), ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter had plenty to say about the Odell Beckham Jr./Josh Norman on-field feud on Sunday.

Schefter called Beckham's actions "Embarrassing, malicious, inexcusable and stupid." He also remarked that Beckham could have hurt himself in the incidents at hand.

Furthermore, Schefter said that Norman will likely be fined but he doesn't expect a suspension to come down.

Next, Schefter weighed in on the Bills, who missed the playoffs yet again this season.

Finally, Schefter gave some insight into some major injuries around the league: He talked about what the Cardinals do without Tyrann Mathieu in the secondary. He answered whether or not Marshawn Lynch will be back for the surging Seahawks and he talked about the injuries to Andy Dalton and Andrew Luck.

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