I am 55 years old and have been fortunate to have traveled all around the United States over the years. In that time I have seen black bear, fox, deer, alligator, flamingo and all types of wild animals. Only 1 time did I see a moose.

As uncommon as a moose sighting can be, it's even more uncommon to see one in Schenectady! Recently a young cow moose had been spotted around Niskayuna but this guy is no longer on the loose. So, where did she go?

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According to New York State DEC officials, this particular moose was first spotted a couple of weeks ago when she was seen inside a horse paddock near Palatine Bridge. She didn't stay there long as she jumped the fence and was on her way.

She spent some time in the Mohawk River, strolled along the greens at Mohawk Club Golf Course in Niskayuna and even checked out Schenectady Community College for a while and now she is gone. Where did she go?

After a few weeks of moose spotting excitement DEC officials took steps toward immobilizing the 500 pound animal for it's own safety. DEC Region 4 Bureau of Wildlife and Division of Law Enforcement staff worked closely to dart the moose as it was chillin' in the backyard of a Woodlawn home.

According to the NYS DEC Facebook page, the moose was fitted with a yellow ear tag for identification purposes and relocated to the Southern Adirondacks.

If you have seen a moose please file this REPORT with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.


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