Joe Cremo is still just a kid from Scotia. Sure he's a little older and a lot wiser but basically he's the same kid that decided to go to the University Albany and play college basketball. The only difference is now Cremo wants to see just how high he can chase his dreams of playing in a "Power Five" conference.

You can here the pain in Cremo's voice when he discusses leaving and you can hear the excitement too. Joe's whole life has been about his teammates and friends. This is the first time he's chased his dreams. Above you'll hear a well thought out competitor that wants to test his skills against the best in the country and give himself the best chance to play in the NCAA Tournament next season. I have no idea where Joe will land but I hope to see him play against Kevin Huerter and Andrew Platek. No matter what I hope this is the beginning of "a home town kid made good" story.

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