The last week in the life of Buffalo Bills' coach Sean McDermott has been a difficult one.

On Thursday of last week, a three-part feature was published by writer Tyler Dunne on the website Go Long, a feature which was titled The McDermott Problem. In the feature's second segment, Dunne revealed that, during Buffalo's training camp in 2019, McDermott gave a speech to the team about teamwork that included a horrifying analogy involving the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Naturally, this detail of Dunne's story spread like wildfire, and McDermott was forced to address the comments as part of his media availability late last week.

The writers at Saturday Night Live were among the group of people who read this quote, and they took it and ran with it on their show this past weekend.

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Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update' Crew Mocks McDermott and Bills' History

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the clip from this past weekend's Weekend Update segment, in which host Colin Jost mentioned McDermott and the Bills:

This joke is a two-for-one at the expense of the Buffalo Bills. Not only did SNL take a swipe at McDermott, they also insulted the Bills as a franchise.

Needless to say, Bills Mafia fans were not thrilled to see this.

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Meanwhile, here is the portion of McDermott's media availability last week in which he addressed the controversy. A hat-tip to Awful Announcing for finding it:

Despite this story still circulating around the football world, and despite the Von Miller allegations (and his surprising return to the playing field last week), the Bills were still able to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon.

All eyes will once again be on the Bills, and Sean McDermott, when Buffalo takes on Dallas on Sunday afternoon at 4:25PM.

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